BlueRoad: 2017

-We are very excited to announce that our debut album is now available for purchase in the BlueRoad store! It has been a long and difficult journey, but we have finally completed our first album. Recorded at Mountain Fever Studios, the album is an all original project, with songs coming from every member of the band. We have been blessed beyond belief with amazing song writers and musicians. The chore of putting a fresh/modern twist on the classic bluegrass topics of: moonshining, murder, mining, love, and loss, while staying true to the authenticity of the "bluegrass sound" is no easy task. However, we feel like we have accomplished just that. We feel like BlueRoad's "sound" has been captured on this project. We have been getting a ton of positive feed back, and lots of people asking "What band recorded that first?" or "Who wrote that?". We are proud to be able to answer their questions by responding, "BlueRoad".  Whether you enjoy the more progressive side of bluegrass, or the more traditional side, we feel like there something for everyone on this album. We tried our best to include something that satisfies the hardcore bluegrasser, the easy listening "smoothgrass" fans, and the "out of the box" bluegrass crowd.  Pick up your copy today in the BlueRoad Store, and let us know what your favorite part of the album is!

  • The Story Of Josey Baker3:06
  • Winners & Losers3:24

BlueRoad: Bluegrass Idols?

-That's right, BlueRoad won the, highly acclaimed, Bluegrass Idol Competition at Bluegrass on the Plains in Auburn, AL, on May 25th. This earned us a $1,500 cash prize, a recording session with Mountain Fever Records and spot on the ticket, kicking off the Saturday night shows. This is a huge honor and opportunity for us and we are thankful for it. We would like to thank everyone for making us feel so welcome and at home at this great festival, and for all the hard work everyone puts in to make it the great festival that it is! 

BlueRoad: 2016

-2016 has been an unusual year for BlueRoad. A lot of things changed during the winter "off season". With two members of the band getting married, with the change on the mandolin role, and the change in the over all line up,  2016 has had a different feel than it has in years past. BlueRoad has not been preforming as many public shows as usual, part of this is due to all the regrouping and reshaping that has had to take place.

-Behind the scenes BlueRoad has been working on a ton of original material, with plans to return to Mountain Fever Studios this fall to finish an album. We are excited about everything in the works for The remainder of 2016 and 2017. We can assure you, that even though 2016 has been a little slow thus far, the best is yet to come for BlueRoad! Stay tuned for updates!

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