Vocals/Bass- Fyffe Alabama Native, John Hicks comes for a rich linage of musical talent. Growing up in a home filled with music, it didn't take long before John found his own creative voice. His unique writing styles and inimitable vocal abilities allow him to convey his own creative visions in a way that is almost unheard of in any genre of music. John, has changed the dynamic and took BlueRoad sound to the next level.

Dobro - Drawing from his background of being a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter, Ball Ground, Georgia native, Josh Hollifield made the switch from upright bass to Dobro when John hicks came on board with BlueRoad in 2016.. Josh is a former Official Georgia State Dobro Champion as well as an award winning guitar, and banjo player. Josh has preformed with some of the biggest acts in bluegrass including the legendary Earl Scruggs. Josh has many talents in his musical prowess, and is looking forward to what the future holds for BlueRoad.

Josh Hollifield

Mandolin/Vocals- As the newest member of BlueRoad, Michael Williams brings yet another dimension to the band with his tasteful mandolin playing, as well as smooth vocals. Born and raised in Joppa, Alabama, Michael got an early taste of touring by watching his father play at various bluegrass festivals across the southeast. It wasn't long until his own love for the music emerged. and he began learning several different instruments. In the few short years he has been playing, Michael has made quite a resume for himself by collaborating with some of the biggest names in the business. BlueRoad is very excited to showcase what Michael has brings to the table. 

Michael Williams

Meet BlueRoad

Meet the boys

North Georgia based bluegrass band, BlueRoad, has sent shock waves through the bluegrass world since they hit the scene in May of 2012. BlueRoad's blend of; hard driving, traditional, progressive, contemporary, and modern sounds, give them a sound that is truly their own. Whether they are covering a bluegrass standard, or preforming their original material, BlueRoad's show has something for everyone. Each member of BlueRoad is an accomplished and award winning artist in their own right.The accolades between them all are too many to count. Each member of the band draws their inspiration from completely different backgrounds, but their sense of what they want their music to sound like is the same. BlueRoad isn't just a band, they are a family. A band of tight knit friends who's friendship is immediately recognizable as soon as they set foot on stage, as the interaction between them is often times as big a part of their show as their music. BlueRoad's ability to pay homage to the bluegrass forefathers as well as add their own, fresh twist to a song is what makes their sound so unique and universal. Whether you are a bluegrass traditionalist, new age bluegrass fan, or brand new to the music, BlueRoad has something for you. 

John Hicks

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Vocals/Rhythm Guitar- Matt Southern has been around the music scene for years. At an early age he was a part of the business without even knowing it. His grandfather, Jim Southern, was a Hee-Haw and WSM Grand Ole Opry veteran. Matt is an accomplished GUILD nominated songwriter and session musician. Over the years as an ASCAP, BMI, and AMF Local#148 member, he has played on various Christian/Gospel albums and written numerous songs for artists on commercial labels. Matt proudly uses and is endorsed by BlueChip picks.

Matt Southern

Banjo/Vocals- Hayden Bramlett comes from a pedigree of banjo greatness. Coming from a musical family, Hayden grew up around bluegrass music and took to the banjo naturally. He has graced the stage at the infamous Grand Ole Opry, and is a former Official Georgia State Banjo Champion. This has quickly earned him the reputation of one of the premiere banjo players in bluegrass. Hayden makes his home in Canton, Georgia.

Hayden Bramlett

Lead Guitar- Dylan Smith is a flat-picking phenomenon. He has accomplished more in his few years of playing than most do over a life time. His improvising and musical instincts are second to none. With his solid rhythm playing and astonishing lead breaks, Dylan will be a force to be reckoned with on the bluegrass scene for many decades to come. Dylan is a 2 time Official Georgia State Flat-Picking Champion as well as an award winning mandolin player. Awards are starting to stack up for this amazing young talent, as we are sure he will be winning them for years to come. Dylan resides in Rydal, Georgia.

Dylan Smith